Strawbale Construction - Engineering Details - Standard Details

So, you have decided to build a strawbale home. The very next step is to decide on a method of strawbale construction. There are several popular methods. All have their merit for various circumstances. Follow the links to the right to find our standard engineering details for the design and construction of strawbale wall systems.

How It Works

These details specify the structural configuration for the strawbale construction system.

The project engineer will reference these details when designing the surrounding structure (the project specific engineering details; beams, slabs and bracing) where not already specified in our details.

Many engineers leave out the strawbale wall system and simply annotate the strawbale walls as “by others”; we are the “others” and these details are what the project engineer is referring to.

The architect/building designer will use these details to understand the structural detailing of the building in order to inform the architectural detailing of the interaction between the architectural and structural features (eg, the fixing of widows to the structural frame, the fixing of kitchen joinery to strawbale walls).

The building surveyor/certifier will use these drawings to help understand how the building system complies with the National Construction Code so that they can provide you building consent so you can get building!

The builder (or you as the owner builder) will use these details, along with the other construction manuals on-site to construct the building. 

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