The Hybrid Loadbearing Method is a popular method of strawbale construction for owner builders seeking to use the load bearing capacity of the bales.  It is the method previously taught by John Glassford of Huff and Puff with a few key distinctions for improved performance.

A key advantage of the Hybrid Loadbearing Method is the minimisation of material usage as it is a loadbearing system. The use of the strawbale loadbearing capacity is an attractive feature of this system. The logistical complexities of having exposed strawbale wall prior to having a roof erected should not be underestimated when considering the Hybrid Loadbearing Method.

Our Hybrid Loadbearing Method Standard details include:

  • Two A1 pages of details covering all typical structural aspects of your strawbale build,
  • 3D, colour and B&W details,  
  • Single storey construction details,
  • Concrete floor construction details,
  • Trussed and rafter roof construction details,
  • Post details for LVL and Glulam post systems,
  • Tie-downs, bracing, and lintel configuration details,
  • Strawbale compression details: method, compressed course heights, resultant dead loads.
  • Render specifications suitable for use in bushfire prone areas up to Bushfire Attack Level 29 (BAL-29).
  • Bales on flat.
  • Order on construction: Floor > Walls > Roof > Render.

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