We are leaders in straw and earth engineering design. 

The sole focus of BSE Consulting Engineers is the structural design of straw and earth structures. The reason that we choose to specialise in this area is so that straw and earth construction practices’ remain accessible in today’s complex building regulation environment.

Our team consists of Chartered Structural, Civil and Environmental Engineers who all have significant experience in residential and commercial design as well as a passion for natural building technologies.

We design single and multi-storey residential and commercial straw and earth buildings using full loadbearing and in-fill walls on all types of floor systems.

In-fill straw and earth buildings that include a conventional timber or steel frame are very common and are a practical and cost-effective way to build. We are able to seamlessly integrate both the natural building materials and the highly engineered timber and steel to create either feature or concealed framework in strict compliance with the architectural intent.

Get in contact to request a full set of example engineering drawings for a strawbale house. 

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